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From Chicago, Derrick "Robin" Sampson was able to find his love for music by exploring the acoustic guitar. His parents invested in guitar lessons that developed Robin's ability to play the guitar. However, this was not the end for him. While in high school, Robin explored his voice by joining the male chorus.


 When asked about his love for music he said,


"I enjoy songwriting and producing music because it's therapy for a whole lotta stuff. It protects my mind and it's always been such a part of me... I can’t even explain it, it’s just normal...

I love creating and producing stuff...sometimes I’ll work on something and finish it. Other times I’ll play with it in my mind for months and months... maybe even a year then put it together in my mind. Some stuff I’ll record, put up and not touch it... It's like a computer when you press save, you save all of your ideas and make an archive you can always come back to it."

"My dream is to spread love"

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